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The Equine Protection Fund, a partnership of Animal Protection of New Mexico--longtime advocates for humane treatment of all animals--and the charitable New Mexico Community Foundation, provides assistance for needy equines and their families as well as individuals and organizations on the frontlines of horse welfare in our state.

The Fund’s programs offer a series of services previously unavailable in New Mexico:

  • Emergency Feed Assistance, providing up to two month of hay and other feed in cases of temporary financial difficulty.

  • Gelding Assistance, curtailing irresponsible breeding of horses among needy individuals with vouchers and clinics for sterilization of stallions and colts. Download the application now

  • Trail’s End (Humane Euthanasia Support), providing support and removing obstacles for humane end-of-life care for suffering horses in low-income households and shelters. Contact us for help

  • Veterinary Care Support, ensuring immediately veterinary attention for equines seized by or relinquished to law enforcement in cruelty investigations. Contact us for directions on how to apply

Horses and other equines are integral to the heritage of New Mexico and the American West. While the equine crisis in New Mexico is severe, the Equine Protection Fund is doing all it can to make a better world for our beloved equines.

If you would like to contribute to the Fund,
you can also mail a check to:

Equine Protection Fund
P.O. Box 11395
Albuquerque, NM 87192


Emergency Feed Assistance
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